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3 Proven Ways to Quash Anxiety and Stress During These Uncertain Times


It is easy to remind everyone to stay at home during this frightening time but being stuck at home doesn’t mean that you’re completely safe and sound.

Yes, you are at a lower risk of getting infected if you maintain social distancing but for people suffering from anxiety and depression, the current situation is harder to bear.

The outbreak has forced us to stay at and work from home

During a pandemic, many are left to grapple with questions like what’s next, when will this be over or will things go back to normal — these are just some that remain unanswered. The fear and anxiety has started to build up in weeks of social distancing, so what can you do to combat this?

Say No to Fake News

As unfortunate our reality is now, there are still bad people who spread negativity by creating fake news. With most of us now relying on social media and the internet for updates on what’s happening all over the world, we can easily be affected by misinformation, which is why it pays to do your part to verify claims.

Be careful about the news you read online

Psychologist Lori Whatley advised getting accurate information from experts and doctors to dispel hearsays and rumors about the Covid-19. Right now we are not just hoping to stop the spread of the coronavirus but also to stop the dissemination of false news.

Stay Connected with Friends and Family

We have been cooped up in our houses for so long that it has become normal to miss our family and friends. Sadly, this will likely continue for weeks to come but you don’t have to feel you’re alone — talk to the people closest to you online or schedule your video calls with them so that you won’t have to feel isolated.

We are wired to connect with other human beings, which, if not met, could not just lead to mental issues but physical problems as well. Make sure that you open up to your friends and family about how you feel but at the same time, be wary of how much time you spend on social media as well.

Try Your Best to Take Care of Yourself

Now that things are out of our control, you should focus on things that you can get a grip on, like your body and mind. At this trying time, take care of yourself as what the experts have advised, including frequently washing your hands, avoiding going outside, and using alcohol, sanitizer, and face masks.

Take care of yourself by eating and drinking healthily

You should also make sure that you’re taking time to care for your wellbeing, which means you need to eat and drink healthily, get enough sleep, and exercise whenever you can. Stop beating yourself up if there are days you can’t be productive — this isn’t a race and it certainly is not a time to compare yourself to others.


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