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4 Key Nutrients Your Body Needs for Optimum Performance

Are you familiar with the idiom You are what you eat? That means if you consume the right nutrients, then you’re going to be healthy, on the other hand, if you munch on junk, then it will manifest as well (read: diseases and illnesses).

The truth is, our bodies demand a great amount of help from different sources to function properly and to give us what we require, like focus, energy, and growth. If you want to perform your best and operate optimally, then check this list of the nutrients you need:


One of the most underrated minerals is potassium, which our bodies direly need especially when we’re accomplishing a lot of physical activities. It is regarded as an electrolyte because when it dissolves in water, it creates positive ions.

If you are an athlete, you would notice that extreme sweating brought about by intense workouts or training can make you feel weak or tired. This is also why your muscles suffer a cramp when your body excretes too much potassium.

Bananas are rich in potassium

You don’t have to consume loads of supplements to get this mineral. Pomegranates and bananas are healthier, cheaper, and tastier sources of potassium.


This is an essential macronutrient in our body – in fact, it is responsible for our nails, skin, and hair. It consists of amino acids that are needed for muscle growth and tissue maintenance.

Protein is a macronutrient in charge of our hairs

It also aids in weight loss, as studies showed, and, in fact, it is a key component in some diets, like the very popular Ketogenic diet. The best sources of protein are eggs, nuts, lean meat, soy products, beans, and poultry.


Also called free-radical scavengers, antioxidants fight cell damage that is caused by unstable molecules called free radicals, which are produced when our bodies react to UV radiation or certain pressures. They are also extremely helpful in easing the inflammation after a workout.

Plants are capable of making their own phytochemicals, which they use to combat the damage from too much rain, sunlight, or drought. As such, consuming vegetables that are rich in antioxidants means our bodies acquire protection, too.

Leafy vegetables and bright berries, especially the Goji berries and blueberries, best provide antioxidants.


Magnesium plays a vital role in our immune and cardiovascular systems as well as in metabolism. If you are deficient in this nutrient, you will feel that there’s a decrease in endurance when exercising and performing.

Swiss chard, seaweed, spinach, nuts, and sesame are excellent sources of magnesium.

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