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Craving a McMuffin During Lockdown? McDonald is Bringing the Recipe to Your Home

With our current situation, what do you miss the most? It may be going to the mall or meeting with your friends, but for others, it’s as simple as McDonald’s McMuffin.

Let’s face it: the outbreak coerced us into cooping inside our houses without knowing when we will be able to come out of the hiding again. However, is self-quarantining all that bad?

Sure, we miss the things we used to do but this moment is an opportunity to bring out our creative sides. In fact, those who have been craving for this McDonald’s meal have been making their own versions.

We are sure that some of you may have Googled ways to recreate this breakfast staple. Fret not because the fast-food giant has divulged how to make the perfect McMuffin.

You don’t need to be a chef to whip up a McMuffin

This will be especially helpful in the United Kingdom because every McDonald’s store in the country has temporarily closed its doors to the public in fear of the global health threat. Luckily, the company heard our pleas and gave pieces of advice on how to make your meal as authentic as possible.

Best be warned: some steps are very intricate, including how to assemble the ingredients and how to shape the sausage patty – however, the prize is worth it: you get to eat breakfast any time of the day. The most difficult part of this is cooking the egg perfectly.


You will need 75 grams of sausage meat, a slice of American cheese, egg/s, English muffins, potato, oil, salt, and pepper. First, toast the muffins to a nice golden brown then, season your sausage meat to your desire.

Pre-heat your grill and flatten the sausage meat. Shape this into a patty and cook it for six to seven minutes for both sides.

Now, this is the tricky part: you need a metal ring to cook your egg in the right shape. If you don’t have this kitchen tool, you can use foil.

So that the egg will not stick, brush the inside of the metal ring with oil and place it on a small pan. Pour water just enough to cover the base and wait until it boils before you put the egg inside the metal ring.

Use a metal ring to cook your egg in a perfect circle

Cover the pan and in about two to three minutes, your egg is ready. Now you are ready to assemble: muffin, cheese, patty, egg, then muffin.

To make the dining experience more legit, prepare your hash brown from scratch. Grate the potato, add an egg, and add salt and pepper to taste.

Hash browns go perfectly well with a McMuffin

Fry chunks of this mixture on a pan with oil and flatten it to the size and shape of a hash brown. Make sure that both sides become golden before getting them out of the heat.

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