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How to Boost Your Energy and Productivity with 4 Foolproof Hacks


With our current work-from-home setup, it can be extremely hard to feel refreshed for another day of accomplishing tasks, especially since motivation is hard to come by these terrifying days. But did you know that grogginess can lead to stress and irritability which will then affect your performance?

You will also be less likely to be productive because your mind feels like it’s fogged up. Fear not because these tips will get that problem covered:

Get Enough Sleep

This one is the most obvious factor to consider when you want to feel alive the following day. Make sure that you’re getting at least eight hours of quality sleep every night to have a clear mind when you wake up.

Don’t drink coffee if you want to sleep early

To make sure that you’re constantly getting sufficient shuteye, create a routine by sleeping at the same time every day. Don’t drink anything with caffeine five hours before you sleep because it stays in your body for hours.

Avoid using gadgets in bed because the light from these make it hard for your body to release the chemicals needed for sleeping. To help you relax before going to bed, meditate or have a lavender-infused bath.

Stop Hitting the Snooze Button

It IS always hard to wake up at the sound of your alarm but hitting that button won’t do you any good. You think you’ve bargained a couple of minutes of sleep but there’s actually more harm than done because waking up and falling back to sleep again will mean another cycle has started.

Alarm clocks are meant to be followed not snoozed

You won’t be able to finish a complete sleep cycle before your alarm goes off again, which means you’ll be groggy when you finally decide to stand. Truth be told: it is better to get off the bed the first time you wake up rather than postpone it.

Find Natural Light

No, this isn’t to provide you a good selfie rather it somehow recharges your battery. Instead of working in a dim area, open your windows, curtains, or blinds to get that ray of sunshine, which can greatly help if you’re feeling sluggish and tired.

If you have spare 20 to 30 minutes, stay outside, feel the warmth of the sun, and have a breath of fresh air – of course, at this time of social distancing, it is better if it’s just in your backyard.

Don’t Skip Breakfast

There’s no better way to kick-start your day than to have a hearty and healthy breakfast. Consume a meal that has carbs, fat, and protein, which will enable you to power through your daily chores.

A nutritious breakfast can keep you running

Don’t forget to drink water as well because dehydration can lead to irritability and overeating. Sometimes, we feel hungry and tend to binge-eat when, in fact, we’re just hungry.

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